Simple Ideas For Making The Office Coffee Experience More Enjoyable

Posted on: 19 July 2016

Coffee has become an integral part of the work culture in many offices. Who doesn't love sipping on a cup of hot coffee as they work? If all you're offering your employees is a plain pot in the corner with some mass-produced grounds and a little sugar, it's time to take things to the next level. Upgrading your office coffee experience will lead to happier workers. Here are some simple ways to get started.

Feature a "coffee of the week."

In addition to the standard brew your office offers, purchase a different specialty coffee each week. This could be anything from a flavored caramel or raspberry concoction, to a specially roasted Arabica from Ethiopia. Brew this coffee in a second pot next to the normal coffee, so employees have a choice. Make sure you put a little sign by both coffees so employees know which is which.

Supply some unique mix-ins.

While milk and sugar are the standards, supplying some more unique mix-ins for your customers will keep things interesting. Try offering two or three different coffee creamers, or even heavy cream. Cinnamon, cocoa, chocolate syrup, and crushed candy canes are other simple items your employees will enjoy adding to their coffee from time to time.

Have coffee delivered once a week.

While pouring themselves a cup may be just fine, your employees will enjoy the change of pace if you have a coffee delivery service bring them their fix one day a week. It will give them a chance to enjoy a more high-end coffee beverage like a latte or cappuccino that they wouldn't make themselves. There are many companies that offer coffee delivery service. Some will have you pay per cup of coffee ordered, while others will give you one bulk price that covers up to a certain number of cups of coffee.

Give them customized mugs.

Have customized mugs made for each of your employees. You can have their names printed on them, along with either the company logo or a fun mantra that you use around the office. Even the smallest gift like this can show employees that you care about them, and they'll be reminded that you care each time they pour themselves a cup of coffee. Plus, with names on the mugs, you don't have to worry about people accidentally going home with another person's mug.

Coffee is central to the office culture, so capitalizing on it is a good way to boost employee morale and show them you do care about their happiness. Talk to a service like Five Star Water for more help.