4 Food And Beverage Options You Should Include On The Menu Of Your Outdoor Summer Wedding

Posted on: 10 June 2016

The backdrop of nature, sparkling sunshine, and singing birds--a summer wedding outdoors can be an enamoring event. If you are in the process of planning your own outdoor summertime wedding, there is no doubt you'll have a lot of fun planning all the details, but food and drinks are a part of the planning phase that can be more of a challenge when it comes to wedding catering.

While there are many menu choices that will work for a high-end event like a wedding, you will want to serve things that people can easily associate with the summer season. Here are a few food and beverage options you should consider adding to the menu at your wedding if it will be held outdoors in the summer.

S'mores - Warm, toasted marshmallows over rich chocolate and crisp graham crackers are a summertime treat for sure, but most people never consider making these delectables a part of their wedding day menu because they are more of a "campfire" food. However, s'mores can be dressed up with ingredient variations like silky white chocolate, chocolate truffles, or even flavored marshmallows. You can set up a s'mores bar at your wedding reception where guests can concoct their own treats.

Grilled Vegetables - There is nothing that screams summer like the taste of grilled food. So including grilled veggies in your menu will surely give your guests a flavor to appreciate. Something light, like grilled asparagus or eggplant, can be dressed up in a lot of different ways, such as with melted goat cheese or seasonal herbs. Plus, grilled veggies can pair with just about any main coarse with a little creativity. 

Wine Spritzers - Instead of serving a full-bodied wine at the reception dinner, give guests a lighter-weight option in drink choices by serving wine spritzers. Wine spritzers can be made with either white or red wine and are toned down with seltzer water or even a light soft drink, such as a lemon-lime soda or ginger ale. Usually served over crushed ice, wine spritzers are a refreshing summertime beverage that will work well with most seasonal foods.

Barbecue - Smoky pulled pork or fire-roasted chicken glazed with barbecue sauce are just a few examples of tasty barbecue menu choices guests will enjoy at a summertime nuptial event. Even though barbecue is often associated with backyard get-togethers, it can easily be dressed up a bit to give it a more wedding-worthy appeal.