4 Tips For Serving Caviar

Posted on: 8 June 2016

Caviar has long been a coveted delicacy, and the addition of caviar can elevate the elegance of any dinner or party. Traditionally, caviar is the roe of sturgeon; other types of cured fish eggs, such as American spoonbill or salmon may be referred to as salmon, and can cost less than authentic sturgeon caviar. You can often buy caviar from specialty food markets or you can even buy caviar online. If you plan to serve caviar at a dinner party or a special event, use the following tips:

Keep Caviar Cold

After buying caviar at a market or receiving it in the mail, it is important to keep it cold until serving. Place the caviar tin on the back of a shelf in your refrigerator to ensure that it maintains the proper temperature. Carefully check your refrigerator's temperature settings to make sure it is not set too low-- you don't want the caviar to freeze at all.

Have the Right Serving Utensils

When you're serving caviar, you don't want to use your regular cutlery. Many people prefer to use a small, mother of pearl spoon to serve caviar. You can also use small serving spoons made of bone, glass, porcelain, wood, or even plastic. Do not use any type of silver spoon to serve caviar-- the metal can interfere with the delicate taste of the caviar and leave a metallic taste in the mouth.

Know What Foods to Serve with Caviar

When enjoying caviar, you want the taste of the roe to be the star or the show. It is recommended that caviar be served with foods neutral taste. Commonly, caviar is served upon lightly toasted bread or brioche, boiled potatoes, blini, or boiled eggs. If you want to add some texture and body, you can also offer sour cream, creme fraiche, unsalted butter, and avocado, since these foods will not overshadow the taste of the caviar. For a more substantial canape, you can spread a dollop of creme fraiche on a blini followed by a few slices of smoked salmon, topped with a spoonful of caviar.

Buy Complementary Drinks

When consuming as something as exquisite as caviar, it is important to have complementary drinks on hand. Many caviar lovers believe that the best drinks to have with caviar include very cold vodka, champagne, and sparkling wine. These drinks also work as good palate cleansers if you are serving more than one variety of caviar.